TAGME is a powerful tool that is able to identify on-the-fly meaningful short-phrases (called "spots") in an unstructured text and link them to a pertinent Wikipedia page in a fast and effective way. This annotation process has implications which go far beyond the enrichment of the text with explanatory links because it concerns with the contextualization and, in some way, the understanding of the text.
Try TAGME now!

You can play with the demo interface below or check the documentation to the TAGME RESTful API we are currently supporting.

Currently TAGME is available in English, German and in Italian and it is based on Wikipedia snapshots of April, 2016.

NEWS! TAGME is now hosted by the D4Science infrastructure. Check the RESTful API page for details.

Developed by Paolo Ferragina and Ugo Scaiella at A³ Lab
Dipartimento di Informatica, University of Pisa.